Soft ice balm machine the installation and commissioning

Frozen goodies machine installation and utilize are actually very simple, but for first-time or there is a desire to explain here, I am hoping this paper can give to us some useful reference. Soft serve machine transportation: The important situation of the soft serve machine packaging is split into two kinds, one choice is pure wood modern packaging, the other can be a carton packaging, because the specific soft ice cream brewer weight in general is due to kilograms – kilograms, quite ordinary customers one or perhaps a two person is not able to transport, normal goods spot will have a fork lift for loading and unloading, to remind the purchasing machinery customers friend, a number bumps and scratches could certainly hardly be avoided, unit itself is generally for you to use impact, only determined scratches on the soft serve machine’s appearance has bound effect, this condition consistently are relatively rare, solely remind you.

Encounter this kind along with situation to freight concern negotiation or claims. Goodies machine during the moving process of note isn’t inclined to exceed degrees, after tilting the coping with as far as opportunity after a period of your in use, ice machine never lies fixed or handling. Ice machine installation problems Most likely used in domestic soft serve machine power requirements are almost always V HZ, and individuals foreign is V HZ, such as Korea, a bit V HZ, such like Japan, if you in order to domestic machines abroad in addition to foreign machine to loc use, recognize the similar electrical requirements, need to acquire the corresponding converter related to use, prior to the usage of ice cream machine union on three plugs, or perhaps directly connected to atmosphere switch.

In the decision concerning connecting the connector to the emphasis of the soft ice cream machine rated suggestions power is a huge number, general have. KW machines using Amp Plug, the regarding . KW 2 ) . Mesin Estube , then the attached please socket to train on an or A socket, in addition for the use of Sixth is v power supply because of ice cream gear separate connection, give pleasure to confirm your operations can meet generally wiring requirements. Air conditioning test Power give you wiring is completed, then can carryout ice cream tool debugging work, prior to the debugging on frozen treats machine were employed by sterilization and cleaning, disinfection and definite please refer additional related articles.

After ice treatment machine cleaning, turned on the power, online digital tube display the phrase , press start off button (no expel condition), the soft serve ice cream machine LED a digital camera display board electric changes, about while will hear how the compressor to get started with the voice, after that observed the digitized tube digital will occur to change (if the temperature decrease digital tube let you know temperature continuous downwards changes), continuous turnaround description of refrigeration system in genuine operation, it ‘s time to stop immediately. In the case long time simply change of refrigeration system problems and also control panel signal problem.

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